Halo 4 Game Review

Master Chief’s latest adventure is a great new beginning!

Halo 4, the first official Halo game created by 343 Studios, is the mark of a great new beginning for the Halo franchise! The story, game play, high quality cut scenes, and the multi player all comes together to create a spectacular treat for any fan of the series, and I am looking forward to seeing much more of the series by the 343 Studios team and Microsoft.

Story (no Spoilers)

The story of Halo 4 is one of my favorite so far, featuring a great plot, good plot twists, and especially better character development. Previous entries in the Halo series had Master Chief with little to no personality, humorously being called a robot, because of his lack of character development and speech. In this game, he has personality and more emotion, especially when speaking with Cortana. slotxo

I found the story to be more emotional and intense from the previous entries as well, and features several characters with their own personalities and agendas, which adds to an already great story plot.

Game play

The game play is where the game truly shines, featuring the story campaign, Cooperative and competitive game play, the Forge where you can modify and have your own map designs, and the theater, where you save, edit, and share footage from movies and screenshots you have taken! You can play multi player, where you design your own Spartan IV, altering their load outs, customizing their appearance with new armor pieces and colors, and leveling up your Spartan to unlock more options! As you level up you will gain a point, which can be spent to unlock load out items, each with their own unlock points requirements, so you can pick and choose the items you wish, instead of achieving them at a set level requirement.

Spartan Ops

Spartan Ops is a cooperative game mode featuring a new story, with new episodes being released regularly. Up to 4 players can play this, and you will earn experience and level up, just like in competitive modes, with their own challenges and career stats involved. With each new episode released, you can continue the ever evolving story of Fire Team Crimson, a team of Spartan IV’s deployed on Requiem.

War Games

War Games is the Competitive mode for Halo 4, featuring a wealth of game modes and types, including Slayer, Dominion, Oddball, Capture the Flag, and much more! These game types have their own rules and setups, such as Dominion being a capture and hold game type, and Oddball being a sports-like game where you carry the ball to gain points, and so forth. The many variants of game types make the competitive war games interesting and never boring.


Forge is a map tool set, where you can modify existing maps, and use several tools to change them up and create new and exciting map designs, such as objects, spawn points, and many, many more! A person good at map design, can create entirely different designs, and share them with others so that they can play it too! All game modes can be used for your Forge map, so if you favor a certain game type, you can create some interesting game play from the options available!


Theater is the mode where you can save, edit, and share your favorite movies and screenshots from your adventures in any game mode. Got an amazing kill streak or funny accident that happened in multi player? You can go back, watch the film, and record at that particular time, take screenshots, and share them with the community.