Harris Tweed Jackets
Harris Tweed and the Orb

Only genuine Harris Tweed that has been inspected and approved by the Harris Tweed Authority can carry the Harris Tweed trademark found in all our gentlemen's jackets.

The Classic Harris Tweed Jackets

Taken from the original Harris Tweed Jacket that has come to define the ‘English Country Gentleman’, Harris Tweed has created a classic gentleman’s Harris Tweed jacket that is available in four classic tweeds. Barva, Dalmore, Laxdale and Taransay.

Today’s classic Jackets are designed for today’s gentleman, the cut of today’s classic Harris Tweed single breasted jacket never dates. The jacket and cuff buttons are made from leather; a traditional half-canvas interlining holds the jacket's shape and provides resistance to creasing; and the unique blend of centuries old craftsmanship and contemporary finishing produces a softer Harris Tweed fabric.

Inside every men’s jacket we sell, you will find the famous Harris Tweed Orb label that carries a unique reference number. This label guarantees the authenticity of the tweed and enable the Harris Tweed Authority to identify the weaver of the cloth. And each jacket is dispatched complete with its own bespoke Harris Tweed mahogany coat hanger.

All our Harris Tweed is made from 100% virgin wool that is dyed and spun in the mill at Stornoway in the Western Isles of Scotland. The finished yarn is then delivered to the homes of crofters throughout the Outer Hebrides where, in a tradition that is centuries old, it is woven by hand into the finest Harris Tweed.

The hand-woven cloth is then returned to the Stornoway mill where it is expertly washed and finished. Only when the Harris Tweed Authority have inspected every 50 metre length of cloth, is it released to be made into Harris Tweed jackets.

Harris Tweed Jackets