Handmade black wool Poncho with Prince of Wales check lining (Vivienne)
Price: £ 89.00
This sophisticated, handmade Poncho is made from the finest 130’s all wool and made in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
  • The Poncho is then lined with a Prince of Wales check in cream, black and red
  • This style pops over the head and can hang loose, or be belted without incorporating the back, creating a totally different look.
  • It can also be worn on the diagonal to giving an alternative way of wearing it.
  • The Poncho which has a round neckline bound in black and can also be worn on the reverse side too, making it look like two very different Ponchos
  • It has a matching, separate scarf which is not attached, so can be worn with other items of clothing.
  • The measurements are approximately 118cmsfrom elbow to elbow and 154cms from hem to hem.
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